Committee Members

The USAC will be chaired by the Assistant Provost for Budget & Planning and shall consist of 8 members, including the chair: A representative from the Dean of the College, the Assistant Vice President for Facilities & Campus Services, the Executive Director of Real Estate, the Assistant Provost & University Registrar, a representative from the Budget Office, the Director for Campus Life Budget & Planning, and a faculty member appointed by the Provost.

Current Committee Members

Ken Basch – Executive Director, Wake Forest Properties

Laura Giovanelli – Assistant Teaching Professor of English and Assistant Dean for Learning Spaces in the College

Matt Grau – Director of Capital Projects

Beth Hoagland – Assistant Provost for Budget & Planning

Donna McGalliard – Associate Vice President, Campus Life and Dean, Residence Life & Housing

Harold Pace – Assistant Provost & University Registrar

John Shenette – Associate Vice President for Facilities & Campus Services

Alessandra VonBurg – Associate Professor of Communication