For many years, requests for space on the Wake Forest University campus had been informally processed on an as-needed basis. This process worked well when the University had greater space capacity than need. However, with increases in faculty, student programming and administrative support, it became apparent that a uniform process was needed to address such requests.

Therefore in March 2013 the University Space Allocation Committee (USAC) was established to evaluate space requests and make recommendations to the Provost and the Executive Vice President that promote efficient use of space aligned with University strategic priorities.

The USAC is charged with the responsibility of reviewing all requests for the long-term assignment (one year or longer) of physical space that is located outside a school or division’s current footprint in all University facilities on the Reynolda Campus, University Corporate Center, and all WFU property except the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. This includes reassignment of space from one unit to another and major changes in use of space (for example, changing a meeting space or classroom space to offices). Requests for routine re-allocations of existing space, such as reassignment of offices within the same department/center, assignment of space for special events, or dividing of offices for increased usage that does not involve major changes in the use of space will not be reviewed by the Committee.

The USAC will be chaired by the Assistant Provost for Budget and Planning and shall consist of 8 members, including the chair: a representative from the Dean of the College, the Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Campus Services, the Executive Director of Real Estate, the Assistant Provost and University Registrar, a representative from the Budget Office, a representative from Campus Life, and a faculty member appointed by the Provost.

This committee will meet monthly but will address urgent requests via email between meetings if necessary.