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Review all requests for the long-term assignment (one year or longer) of physical space that is located outside a division’s current footprint in all University facilities on the Reynolda Campus, University Corporate Center, and all WFU property except the School of Medicine and Health Sciences. This includes reassignment of space from one unit to another and major changes in use of space (for example, changing a meeting space or classroom to offices). Requests for routine re-allocations of existing space, such as reassignment of offices within the same department/center, assignment of space for special events, or dividing of offices for increased usage that does not involve major changes in the use of space will not be reviewed by the Committee.


The first step in this process is to complete the USAC Request Form found on this site. Campus units must work with the Office of Space Management to confirm and assess their current space and needs, make a plan for changes and then obtain a cost estimate from Project Management. Once all the information is complete units should submit the completed materials to the USAC. The USAC may ask units requesting additional space to appear and present their case, and may solicit additional comments or information from other University representatives.

Upon review of the space requests, the USAC shall make a recommendation to the Provost and Executive Vice President on how to proceed. For example: (1) approve the request and assign additional space to the requesting unit; (2) approve the request and have the requesting unit’s current space reconfigured/renovated to meet the space needs; (3) reject the space request; (4) table the request for future consideration and action. Ordinarily, requests that are tabled will be placed on the agenda of the following meeting. The committee’s recommendations shall be based upon consensus.

Space requests that are recommended for approval from the Committee shall include a cost estimate from the Project Management. In accordance with University’s Capital Project policy, projects with capital costs exceeding $50,000 should be submitted in the annual budget process each September and must be approved by the dean, department head or director; and projects costing over $250,000 require approval by a Vice President.

Requests to this committee can be submitted at any time. Submitted requests will be held until regularly scheduled USAC meetings. Requests that are urgent should be noted as such on the Space Request Form and will be presented and discussed over email.